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Can I cancel my programme and/or online membership?

If you become a paid member of the simplybariatrics website or subscribe to any weight management tool you have a short "cooling off period" when you have the right to cancel your membership.

The right finishes 7 days after enrolling (having not entered the members' area or accessed paid members only articles/videos) or after building your profile, setting your personal weight loss target and entering the members' homepage – whichever occurs first.

The right to cancel your membership ends once you have begun to use the simplybariatrics online paid service. Information that follows our profile building and target setting process constitutes part of our services to our members. Because our service starts immediately on entering the members' homepage, by accessing this information you will have utilised our services and your right to cancel your new membership will have ended.

To cancel your membership, please email our team at with the subject title “Cancellation – Your Username.” We aim to respond to all cancellation requests within 72 hours but as long as you notify us of your cancellation within the 7 day period according to the rules stated above, there should not be any issues.

NOTE: The maintenance membership is an exception to the above rules as this is an ongoing paid membership which starts after you complete an online programme. For cancellation of this membership, please see below.

Can I pause my programme and/or online membership?

1. 100-Day Online Programmes

simplybariatrics advises against pausing your programme at any stage as this can damage your progress and you will not gain the full benefit of the programme if you leave part way through.

However, in exceptional circumstances, membership of the paid programmes (excluding maintenance membership) can be paused and resumed at a later date. What constitutes an “exception” will be decided by the simplybariatrics team alone and the final decision will be communicated to you by a team member. While our team aims to be understanding and compassionate at all times, in certain cases we may need you to provide evidence such as a death certificate or a doctor’s note before a decision can be made.

For all programmes that are paused, you are requested to re-join as soon as possible and no later than 6 months after pausing. If you wish to join after 6 months or later, you will have to purchase and start the programme again. In this case, a refund will not be made for the remaining length of the programme.

In the event that your programme cannot be paused, a refund will not be made and if you wish to re-join the programme you will have to register and pay the fee at a later date.

2. Maintenance Programme membership

The maintenance programme is essentially a membership for using simplybariatrics online services to maintain and progress your weight loss after you have completed one of our paid online programmes. Membership fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

We advise against pausing or ending your maintenance programme within the first 6 months as ongoing support is crucial to long term weight management and this initial period after the programme is very important for you to maintain your new habits.

However, if you wish to cancel or pause your membership and you are paying monthly then you need to give at least 14 days’ notice before your next payment is due. If you notify us later than 14 days before your payment is due then you will be unable to cancel/pause your membership that month.

If you have already paid in advance for quarterly or annual membership, we will be unable to cancel or pause your membership during this time. You will have the option to continue or end your membership after your paid period ends.

To pause your membership or programme, please email us at with the subject title “Pause – Your Username”. We aim to respond to all such requests within 72 hours.