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World Class Bariatric Aftercare

'I knew it was time to take a different approach to losing weight'

Alexandra G, Sheffield


At the age of 25, weighing roughly 19 stone, I knew it was time to take a different approach to losing weight. It was obvious I was incapable of doing it through diet and exercise alone. I had battled with being overweight throughout my childhood and teenage years. I contact the team, unsure what to expect. After extensive conversations over the phone and in person, we discussed my eating habits and options available and we decided the Gastric Sleeve was the best option for me. I have now lost 9 stone and the support, post operation has been exceptional. I am no longer consumed by the thought of food and am able to lead a healthy and incredible happy life! I am so thankful for the support from everyone.

I found moving around uncomfortable & I felt embarrassed about my size

Nicola O, Sheffield


I had a gastric sleeve in January 2018. I had 5 stones to lose, my back was painful. I found moving around uncomfortable and I felt embarrassed about my size. I did thorough research and the team were personally recommended to me too. I liked the fact that I could see the same person for follow up at my private hospital. Everyone has been knowledgeable and approachable. I was really quite anxious about what it would be like post op and I was surprised by how little pain I felt. I just felt the little incisions pulled for the first few weeks. About a week after my surgery I was unsure whether one of my incisions was healing correctly. Louise, my specialist nurse asked me for details and for a photo to be sent to her. Within 30 minutes the surgeon had seen the picture and I was given an answer and advice, all on a Saturday night! I was well prepared for the dietary stages following surgery and I prepared small nutritious frozen meals in advance, which really helped. I also asked Louise to find me a post op buddy (someone going through the same stages as me) in my area. We have chatted a few times and I find it very reassuring and useful. As my weight started decreasing I felt so much better and my energy vastly increased. I can honestly say that I feel like a different person. I have made a commitment to this surgery and to keep my body far more healthy. You do have to make changes about the way you feel about food, to not fall into the traps that you fell into before surgery. The surgery is not a total solution but a tool to enable you to live a much better life. I am going to grasp that opportunity and try to continue this for the rest of my life. I have never regretted it for a moment.

'Simplybariatrics gave me a bespoke service which is something that I will never forget'

Sophie Musg, Sheffield


Having my gastric bypass completely changed not only my appearance and health, but my whole outlook on life. I became confident in my decisions, in being a better parent and in becoming more successful with my goals and relationships. The care I received from Roger Ackroyd (Surgeon) , Louise Hague ( Specialist Mental Health Nurse) and Nerissa Walker ( Bariatric Dietitian) was more than what I could have ever dreamt of. I had issues a week post surgery and Roger and Louise were prompt and thorough in making sure I received the best care possible. The guidance I received from Nerissa with regards to dieting and the adjustments I had to make to my lifestyle was well thought out and personalised. All in all I found the team in general gave me a bespoke service which is something that I will never forget in such a life changing event. I am and always will be thankful that I had them guide me on my weight loss journey.